iNTERNET ADDICTION HELP provides Santa Barbara and South Coast residents with intensive outpatient Internet addiction and Cybersex addiction treatment programs. We also offer short-term, intensive addiction recovery programs for our out-of-area and international patients as well as a comprehensive professional assessment program.
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Upcoming Presentation in Silicon Valley:10/23/2007

Gaming & Internet Addiction
Saturday, December 1, 2007

Session 1: for Parents
Session 2: for Professionals

Gaming and Internet addiction is a growing problem facing many families, couples, and individuals both young and old. This psychological disorder is defined as uncontrolled gaming and Internet-related behavior which interferes with or impairs normal functioning, and causes severe emotional distress for the individual, their family, friends, or their loved ones. Gaming and Internet addiction can also disrupt one’s academic performance, or their job performance. Game and Internet addicts typically and unwittingly make games and cyberspace the top priority in their daily lives.

In this class, we will look at:

How to identify compulsive/addictive behavior.

• What causes online gaming and Internet addiction, and how it develops.

• The different types of gaming and Internet addictions, and gender differences.

• What you can do as a parent or professional to help or treat the compulsive gamer or Internet user.

• The healthy benefits of gaming and Internet use.

Please visit the Foundation of Family Values website for more information and to register.

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